Porsche 991.2

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Breathtaking Porsche 991 tuning products by GENOME

Porsche 991 tuning is in our blood. With the switch over from naturally aspirated engines in the Porsche 911 to a range of smaller capacity punchy turbo engines a new breed of ownership has been born. The demand for high quality Porsche 911 parts to improve performance has skyrocketed.

The Porsche 991.2 has cemented itself as one of the most tuneable 911 Carrera's in history. Packed from the factory as a modular engine and turbo package utilising a 3.0l twin turbo engine with power levels ranging from a base model Carrera (365bhp) to through to the GTS (444bhp).

This power increase is managed with nothing more than internal turbocharger changes and fine tuning of the engine management system. This means for the modern day power hungry Porsche enthusiast there are almost unlimited limits for tuning the Porsche 911.

With the addition of Turbos on the latest Gen 2 991 there has also been many additional hardware requirements such as intercoolers, boost pipes, diverter valves and much more to ensure the engine can run consistently. This offers the opportunity for Genome Design to produce a range of exquisite upgraded Porsche 991 parts.

The engine found in the Porsche 991.2 platform is a bespoke built lighter and more effective engine derived from the outgoing 991.1 engine. It has sleeved liners a full new design cylinder head and a pair of HPFP capable of upwards of 3600psi of fuel pressure. The oil system and water pump has also had a complete overhaul to simplify the level of components require whilst increasing performance.

The exhaust system has two options with almost all owners opting for the PSE Porsche sport exhaust this is the best effort to keep the NA exhaust note through the rev range but ultimately it is obvious the 911 gen 2 is now turbocharged.

With our bespoke range of Genome design Porsche tuning packages, it is possible to reach levels as high as 700bhp with upgraded turbochargers, hardware, and ECU remapping.