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Porsche 911 Paddle Shifters - GENOME Design


Porsche Paddle Shifter Upgrade - GENOME Design

Brilliance engaged by GENOME.

Conquer the track with our GENOME Design upgraded Porsche Paddle Shifters. Everything about this upgrade is unique. Our focus is solely based on the driving experience every Porsche 911 owner should be elated by.

With exceptional feel comes exceptional design. Our paddle shift system offers the perfect balance between feel and aesthetics. Ergonomically the shifter has been carefully manufactured to completely re-engineer the substandard feel of an OEM Porsche PDK paddle. Tested vigorously on the road and race circuit, this kit brings a new meaning to comfort, style, and performance. Our paddle is manufactured to the highest standard using a full billet attachment over a typically used 3d printed solution or a simple stick-on part. The use of bespoke manufactured nylon bushes pressed into the aluminium casing makes for a self-lubricating support for the shift pins. This is vital to match and enhance the OEM Porsche product.

The OEM Porsche PDK paddle system found in the Porsche 991.1 and 991.2 lacks ease of use with the driver having to reach around the steering wheel to engage with the paddles. This should be effortless, with a seamless transmission up and down the gearbox. With our race heritage, we have made a direct replacement product that is effective in more ways than one. As the driver increases speed and natural grip tension, the paddle becomes more in tune with the placement of the fingertips.

Porsche Paddle Shift Key Features:-

  • 5-axis machined from aerospace grade T6061 billet aluminium
  • Direct OEM Porsche replacement. Bespoke billet casing with nylon bushings for shaft support.
  • Overall length increased to aid with shifting
  • Aqua jet blasted for a sensuous touch
  • Subtle GENOME Design branding
  • Proud to be British. All of our products are designed and manufactured here in the UK

Made in Britain

All of our products are designed and manufactured right here in the heart of Great Britain. These Porsche 911 shift paddles are machined on a state-of-the-art MAZAK 5 Axis machine tool with a robotic loader. This ensures amazing quality, unrivalled consistency and machined tolerances Porsche themselves would be proud of.

Our design team has a passion for Porsche. We have been working with the Porsche brand for over forty years. As a collective of engineers, the founders of GENOME were working with Porsche on turbochargers when the Porsche 935 and 956 were dominant forces. Take a look at our blog about our Porsche journey.

Product Installation

This is a direct replacement of the OEM Porsche PDK Paddles. The stock shifters are removed, and the GENOME paddle shifters are simply re-installed. This requires the removal of the steering wheel for the best access. The stock Porsche paddles can be re-installed at any time.

Fitting time is circa 1.5hrs.

The GENOME Promise

Being GENOME, we have total confidence in our products. We pour countless hours of testing into our research and development to ensure our clients have nothing but exceptional reviews of our product range. On this Paddle shifter upgrade, we offer a lifetime warranty for the machine work, branding, fixings, and finish of the product to give you complete peace of mind when buying your Porsche modifications from us.

Fitting at GENOME

As a Porsche specialist here in the UK, we have a facility based in Yorkshire where we can fit all of our products, as well as offer Porsche servicing and tuning all under one roof with our skilled team of engineers.

Order your product for fitting and one of our team will contact you to finalise a build schedule, all at your convenience.

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Our History with Porsche is hardwired. Having intertwined with the Porsche Motorsport community alongside our sister company in the repairing, upgrading, and servicing Turbocharges for some of the most exciting Porsche racing legends.

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