Porsche 991.2 Intercooler Upgrade - Tial Sport Porsche 991.2 Intercooler Upgrade - Tial Sport Porsche 991.2 Intercooler Upgrade - Tial Sport

Porsche 991.2 Intercooler Upgrade - Tial Sport

Key Features:

Be at the front with this perfectly engineered Porsche intercooler kit from Tial Sport USA. Designed specifically for the 991.2 Carrera models as a direct fit offering the very best in charge cooling properties.

  • Bespoke 3d Fusion Printed End Tanks
  • Enlarged Motorsport Core
  • Direct OEM Replacement 
  • Proven Charge Temp Reduction Up To 800bhp



Tial Intercoolers For Porsche 911 Carrera 991.2 all Models

Performance Cooled.

Its common knowledge that the latest range of Porsche 911 turbocharged engines struggle with charge temperatures given the location of the engine and intercoolers. Trying to get a good source of clean and cool air to pass through the OEM intercooler cores is difficult, especially on the non Turbo S bodied models that are built without side ducting.

In this instance, these upgraded Tial sport intercoolers are the perfect upgrade for your Porsche 3.0l T model. encompassing everything that Tial sport stand for they are perfectly engineered to offer a dramatic reduction in charge temperatures and recovery rates. This Porsche intercooler kit will be sufficient to run up to a tested 800bhp with its considerably larger intercooler cores. Tial have also used a fusion printed end tank to ensure perfect OEM fitment and improved internal flow whilst improving the overall capacity of the tanks.

This Tial intercooler kit has been seen used in many 800+hp builds around the globe mainly utilising the M800 Porsche turbo kit to achieve this performance. As we pushed the boundaries with turbo application it was glaringly obvious which OEM Porsche parts needed to be improved. This is where the likes of the Tial intercoolers, hard pipes and turbo inlet pipes came from. Here at Genome Design we have developed our GD800 Porsche tuning package around this makeup of parts so can speak from experience having it on our own shop cars.

Talking Tech.

  • Bespoke Enlarged Internal Flow End Tanks Fusion Printed
  • Motorsport Grade Bar & Plate Intercooler Core
  • Enlarged Inlet Pipes
  • Direct OEM Replacement


With a considerable drop in IAT "intake air temperature" it is possible to run more consistently at higher boost pressures and with a more aggressive ignition timing profile as part of the ECU calibration. This is guaranteed to result in higher output figures and to give more consistent power figures even in a harsher environment such as motorsport.

Fitment Guide.

This kit will fit all Porsche Carrera 991.2 models that carry the 3.0l turbo Porsche engine inclusive of the Targa and Carrera T. The same fitment is used for both 2WD and 4WD applications.

Fitting is available in our Wakefield West Yorkshire based Garage facility and dyno testing can be carried out to ensure the best results.

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