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Elegant. Exclusive. Elite. The Genome brand is unashamedly aspirational – when customers see the Genome badge, they aspire to be part of our privileged community. Owning a Genome Porsche immediately elevates you to part of the motoring elite – and enthusiasts worldwide will recognise Genome as a premium performance brand.

To elevate Porsche's to a new level of individuality and performance - by providing a premium, bespoke tuning service to discerning owners who demand the very best.

To raise the bar for Porsche tuning. Building on our rich history in Porsche Motorsport, we will continually innovate – designing and manufacturing specialist turbocharging product and bespoke tuning solutions to set a standard of quality and performance others simply cannot match.


Genome is an exclusive luxury brand, made for true enthusiasts. Our clients are successful, mature and confident – and owning a Genome design Porsche reflects this. Ownership projects a level of exclusivity and success that others aspire to. Despite this, Genome Porsche's are more than status symbols – they embody the highest level of quality, workmanship and elite performance. True motoring enthusiasts respect the uncompromising engineering excellence that gives the brand it’s luxury appeal.


Confident. Mature. Successful. Powerful. Genome believes in winning and demands the very best – in quality, performance and aesthetics. We’re proud of our heritage, but never content to rest on our laurels. In practice, this means constantly pushing the boundaries – we don’t compromise, and there are no limits in terms of quality or design. If it’s a choice between quality and cost, we choose quality every time

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Genome Design is the culmination of half a century of Motorsport and engineering experience - driven by a lifelong love of the Porsche brand. Porsche runs through our DNA. Our journey began in 1976, when our sister company AET Turbos began developing turbocharger solutions and providing servicing support for succesful Porsche race teams. In the decades since, AET Turbos and AET Motorsport has worked at the cutting edge of turbo development, building a strong legacy of automotive success and a hard won-won reputation across the industry for quality engineering. in 2015 Porsche introduced turbocharges across its entire 911 Carrera range surplus of the GT products carrying the 4.0l NA engine - opening new opportunities for pushing the boundaries of performance. With this development, we could finally put our passion for Porsche's into practice and bring our decades of engineering innovation and performance heritage to discerning owners across the World. Genome Design was born.

The engineers were given only one limitation when creating our products, that being “no compromise” solution. The desire to win is at our core and this can be seen and felt when using a Genome Porsche tuning product. We expect our customers to be immersed in the rich design, manufacturing, and attention to detail when they install a Genome Porsche product. Proud to be British, Genome Design is a true British heritage company. All of our design and manufacturing is done in Great Britain and this is our key fundamental. We have no compromise when it comes to our product. Pioneers in the Porsche high performance aftermarket, We aim to produce tuning products that set the standard for the aftermarket and OEM, using exotic materials that make Genome Design the exclusive choice for our Porsche customers. When it comes to Porsche we have only one ethos.

Genome Design - From Porsche To Perfection



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