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Porsche 911 Inlet Plenum - GENOME Design


Porsche Inlet Plenum - GENOME Design

When Beauty Creates The Beast.

When it comes to style, class, and performance no stone was left unturned in the design and development of our Porsche Plenum. Not just a sophisticated piece of engineering artwork but a true performance upgrade for the Porsche 911 991.2.

One of the few products that has an immediate impact on performance gains, the Porsche intake plenum from GENOME Design is a complete replacement for the stock 911 plenum. The OEM Porsche Plenum is a low-cost plastic part that has a poor internal design, meaning it is restrictive on airflow.

The GENOME competition plenum for Porsche 991.2 is a bespoke 5-axis machined billet aluminum replacement. The plenum chamber inside has been flow machined in one piece to offer a significant increase in chamber volume. We carefully finish the internal shaping of the product to offer maximised airflow, increased air speed density, improved throttle response, and a reduction in air intake temperatures whilst offering power gains of up to 30bhp over stock.

This intake plenum is designed as an OEM replacement and is the only product available with the specific slide clip lock feature found on the OEM 991 inlet intake. We have also retained the use of the stock 82mm throttle body and ensured a perfect fit to the stock intake manifold.

Billet aluminum Vs Plastic

Aside from the aesthetic value of an expertly made aluminum piece over a mass-produced part, the thermal capacity of billet aluminum has a significant effect especially in the case of the 911 plenum.

A billet inlet plenum is more than 600 times more efficient from a thermal conductivity standpoint than its plastic counterpart. It can dissipate heat at a far great rate and maintain a cooler temperature consistently.

Improved control from machining means we can make massive improvements to the internal chambers of the Plenum. We are able to use our machine tool to fine-pass and give a shape designed specifically with airflow and air speed velocity in mind.

Engineering By Genome

All of our products are an extension of our British engineering passion. Every Genome Design creation is divised here in the UK by our team of design engineers. We use a series of scanning, additive manufacturing, and 3D printing to produce prototype products which allow us to be efficient and accurate in our research and development.

Furthermore, we invest in our own R&D cars so we are completely self-sufficient and can test multiple products in house using our own bespoke dyno cell prior to a cycle of road and circuit testing. This means when you purchase a GENOME Design product you are purchasing not just a beautifully engineered product but a piece of time and passion that is required to manufacture at the highest level.

We see all of our Porsche products as an investment rather than a singular transaction.

Genome Installation

This Genome Porsche 911 Plenum is something that can be installed at home with basic tooling and knowledge in around 1.5hrs. It is an intricate installation due to the location of the plenum.

At our facility here in Yorkshire, we can offer the installation of the Genome competition plenum. Our skilled technicians have the use of leading diagnostic equipment and our 2000whp Dynapack hub dyno, should you wish to test your product after installation.

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