Porsche 911 Tuning Kit GD800 - GENOME Design Porsche 911 Tuning Kit GD800 - GENOME Design Porsche 911 Tuning Kit GD800 - GENOME Design Porsche 911 Tuning Kit GD800 - GENOME Design

Porsche 911 Tuning Kit GD800 - GENOME Design

Key Features:

The GD800 kit, change your perception of fast. This is the ultimate in Porsche 991.2 Carrera performance completely unrivaled this kit will make a base model Carrera unbelievable.

  • Up To 800bhp Available
  • Proven At The Nurburgring
  • Bespoke Engine & PDK Gearbox Software
  • Mind Altering Performance


GD800 Porsche 991 Turbo Kit - GENOME Design.

Astonishing Performance By GD.

Not for the faint hearted this truly phenomenal Porsche 911 turbo kit by Genome Design creates a monster of your Porsche Carrera 991.2 no matter what level of spec it left the factory in.

Comprimising all of the best available hardware from Tialsport and Genome coupled with our completely bespoke ECU remap calibration you can expect up to 800bhp on the stock 3.0lt Porsche engine platform.

We have developed our GD800 kit internally with the use of our own Carrera 4 and GTS demonstration vehicles to ensure a completely polished product. Our testing regime is intense including extensive road and race track testing to ensure longevity can be achieved.

M800 - The Heart Of The Beast.

Tial Sport created a turbo kit for this 3.0lt Porsche engine platform that simply cannot be beaten that's why we chose this turbo kit as the bases of our GD800 package. The list of specs for this turbocharger solution is extensive from the completely bespoke XONA XR465 UHFturbine wheel to the latest revision of the XONA billet compressor wheel design known as the HTE2.

Read the full technical specification of the M800 turbo kit here.


Keep It Cool - Tial Sport Intercoolers

When it comes to turbocharged engines and the location of Porsches engines it's no surprise battling heat is a real hardship. Trying to keep the engine's charge temperatures under control is difficult even at stock power levels. This is where the Tial intercooler kit for the Porsche 991.2 excels with its large bespoke manufactured bar and plate core and cast end tanks that are carefully engineered to offer far superior cooling and guaranteed reliability even with increased boost pressure and heat.

Read the full technical specification of the Tial Porsche 991.2 intercoolers here.

Breathe In - Intake Cooling

Allowing your Porsche engine to breathe is paramount to helping the intercoolers cool the charge air. As part of the GD800 kit we upgrade various parts of the intake side of the engine.

Genome Design Intake Plenum.

 Developed in house using our Carrera S and GTS demonstration cars we have tested many iterations of this product to ensure the best performance and reliability. Given its location, we felt that a billet machined option retaining the original Porsche clip lock system was a necessary feature others hadn't considered. Read the full product description for our Porsche inlet plenum here.

BMC Automotive Porsche Air Filter Upgrade.

BMC automotive have constructed a truly magnificent air filter replacement for the stock 991.2 3.0lt engine. This BMC airfilter offers significant airflow gains over the stock unit and is complimentary of the upgrades offered in this GD800 kit. We recommend this is installed during the installation of the inlet pipe upgrade.

Tial Sport Inltet Pipe Upgrade.

Upgrading the standard inlet pipes on the 991.2 is compulsory when increasing power levels beyond our GTS turbo upgrade. Even at OEM levels there is a real benefit to replacing the plastic pipes known for fatigue with heat and overall restriction to the inlet side of the turbos.

Read more about the Tial Inlet Pipe Upgrade

Tial Porsche Turbo Elbows

The porsche turbo elbow upgrade manufactured by Tail Sport offers increased intake diameter with a venturi effect down to the inlet side of the turbocharger along with the added bonus of replacing the plastic OEM porsche turbo elbows that are known for getting stuck in the inlet part of the turbo and cracking with heat.

Breathe Out - Exhaust Options

Porsche 991.2 Soul Performance Sports Cat | Decat Downpipe (Sports Cat Included in package price)

The option is yours however a decat link pipe will be classed as off road use only as it removes the catalytic converter entirely. Both options of race cat or decat will offer almost identical power results. It's a must to install these to remove the excess exhaust gases produced by the much more efficient turbos in this kit. Soul performance has created products that are market leading for exhaust gas flow. Able to flow up to 800bhp easily without causing unnecessary back pressure this product is a requirement of this kit.

Porsche 911 Exhaust Manifolds

Upgrading the exhaust manifold on this platform is a must. Porsche exhaust manifolds are known for being extremely restrictive from the factory due to combining all 3 cylinders of each bank. Using a small log press design with internal strengthening to form the shape causes further restrictions along with the small outlet.

Couple upgraded 3 into 1 Porsche exhaust manifolds with a free flowing Remus exhaust to increase the power of the K03 S model turbos to 480+bhp and the GTS K04 turbo to over 570bhp. This is also a fundamental part of this GD800 kit.


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