Porsche 718 Cayman | Boxster GTS GT4 Remap Package

Porsche 718 Cayman | Boxster GTS GT4 Remap Package

Key Features:

  • 440 - 460bhp Stage 1 & Stage 2 Package
  • Optional Exhaust Flap Control 
  • Optional GT4 Crackles 
  • Optimised For 98RON Fuel


Porsche 718 Cayman And Boxster GTS GT4 4.0l Remap.


Take your Porsche 718 4.0l engine to new levels of performance with GD Stage 1 and Stage 2 tuning options.


The latest generation of Porsche 718 Boxster's and Cayman's have been reimagined with an all new 4.0l direct injection NA engine, which is music to most purist's ears. Derived from the 992 3.0l T engine further bored out and turbos removed, this engine is a phenomenal piece of Porsche engineering.

Now with the range of 718 remaps from Genome Design, the Porsche 718 GTS and GT4 can be fine tuned to produce simply wonderful power and torque figures.


Porsche Cayman Boxster 718 GTS GT4 Stage 1 Tuning:-

The GTS 718 model with this 4.0l Porsche engine is detuned from the factory to produce circa 395bhp, rather than the 414bhp found in the GT4. This means the gains from both stage 1 and stage 2 remaps are considerable for an NA engine.

Our GD440 Stage 1 Remap for the 718 4.0l has been carefully calibrated on our in-house hub dyno to ensure maximum efficiency whilst maintaining factory levels of safety. This tuning option is designed to work on a completely stock car without the requirement of any additional hardware. The power and torque results are the same for both 4.0l models GTS & GT4

We carefully adjust ignition timing, torque requests, and fuelling to ensure optimum levels are achieved unlocking all the potential power and torque available from the 718 GTS engine whilst ensuring no effect on its reliability. Further to this we, optimise load sites to improve part throttle and driveability throughout the rev range.


Porsche 718 4.0l GTS GT4 Stage 1 Remap Figures:-


Stock 718 GTS Figures:-       395bhp    300Ibft 

Stage 1 Remap Figures:-    440bhp    330Ibft


These impressive figures can be seen in the graph below.

Our stage 1 Porsche 718 GTS GT4 remap does not require any further modification to the stock car and is optimised for 98ron fuels and above.

We do recommend upgrading the airfilter to an aftermarket panel filter for extra induction noise and better cold airflow, although this is not a necessity.


Porsche Boxster Cayman 718 GTS And GT4 Stage 2 Remap Package:-

For those looking to take their Porsche 718 4.0l GTS and GT4 to the next level should consider our full GD460 stage 2 package. This kit is inclusive of our GD sportscat down pipes and over axle pipes. With greatly improved exhaust gas flow and reduced back pressure we can see outstanding gains when installed with our stage 2 remap calibration.

With the extra flow, we are able to further optimise ignition timing, cam timing, fuelling, and fuelling to create a remarkable result.


Porsche 718 4.0l GTS GT4 Stage 2 Remap Figures:- 


Stock 718 GTS Figures:-       395bhp    300Ib 

Stage 2 Remap Figures:-   460bhp    345Ib


*Please note our Stage 2 package for the Porsche GTS and GT4 models uses exhaust products that should be used for off-road purposes ONLY and this will not pass a UK MOT.

The noise level of the vehicle will also be increased and OEM crackles will be more noticeable after the installation of hardware.


718 GTS And GT4 Remap Optional Extras:-


  • Increased GT4 Burbles
  • Left Foot Braking
  • Optional Cold Start Delete
  • Exhaust Flaps Open Permanently


If your 718 is a PDK, we highly recommend the use of our PDK remap in conjunction with either of the above remap packages. You can read more about our Porsche PDK remapping here.

Read more about our Porsche remaps on our specific Porsche Tuning page.


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