Porsche Cayman GT4 981 Tuning - Genome Design

Porsche Cayman GT4 981 Tuning - Genome Design

Key Features:

  • Greatly Improved Driveability
  • Up To 420bhp & 330Ib
  • Optional Stage 2 Package
  • Left Foot Braking Enabled


Porsche Cayman GT4 Remap Software - Genome Design

It goes without saying that the Mid engined Porsche Cayman GT4 is probably the most cost effective GT product in Porsche's lineup. That however doesn't mean it cant be greatly improved with a few pieces of additional hardware and a ECU remap from Genome.

Our Cayman GT4 Tuning has been carefully crafted not only to increase power and torque but to iron out some of the noticeable flat spots low down in the rev range. This gives a much more positive drive up through the revs and allows for an improved 0-60mph dash.

The GD400 stage 1 Porsche Cayman GT4 tune is designed for a stock car with no additional components. We are able to tidy up the low range and offer a slight increase in timing which brings the car closer to the 400hp mark.

Stage 1 Key Features:-

  • Improved Driveability
  • Up to 10Ib and 15hp consistently
  • Noticeable throttle improvement

For the customer looking to take their Porsche GT4 to the next level, this is made possible with our Stage 2 package allowing for up to 420hp and 330Ib. This is achieved with some hand selected specialist components listed below.

Stage 2 Requirments:-

  • Soul Performance Sports Headers
  • BMC Airfilter Upgrade
  • IPD Inlet Plenum
  • GD420 ECU Calibration

All of our Porsche tuning is carried out in line with our pre tuning health checks before being calibrated on our 2000whp hub dyno to ensure total safety. This allows us to analyze every area of the calibration resulting in a polished product.

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