Porsche 991.2 Stage 1 Tuning GD480 - GENOME Design

Porsche 991.2 Stage 1 Tuning GD480 - GENOME Design

Key Features:

  • Up To 500Bhp & 480Ib
  • Optional PDK Tuning
  • Left Foot Braking Enable
  • Optional Increased Burble
  • Switchable Map (Wet Mode)


Porsche 991.2 GD480 Stage 1 Tuning Package

Performance Engineered.

When it comes to Porsche 911 tuning here at Genome, we leave no stone unturned. The latest 991.2 variant of the Carrera carries possibly the most tunable Porsche turbocharged engine to date. Purposefully detuned from factory, the 3.0 flat six twin turbocharged Porsche engine leaves an extensive amount of performance on the table. This means we are not taking away potential custom from its bigger brother, the Porsche Turbo.

Here at Genome design, we have engineered our bespoke ECU remap calibrations to unleash the true potential of this outstanding engine and turbo package. Our Porsche 991 tuning packages have been carefully sculpted using our 2000whp hub dyno at our purpose-built Porsche tuning facility in the heart of Yorkshire.

Porsche 991.2 Carrera Stage 1 Tuning Statistics:-

The stage 1 remap for the Porsche Carrera and Carrera S models are known as our GD480 Power Pack 1. Our bespoke calibration of the Siemens/Continental SDI21 ECU optimises all of the available power from the OEM components producing breathtaking power and torque gains through the whole rev range. Our GD480 remap is making peak torque of 430nm from as little as 2800rpm whilst holding this to the redline at 8000rpm. See the below graph.

Furthermore, we are able to achieve a consistent 480-490bhp at the engine whilst keeping intake temperatures under control with the minimal airflow available to the intercoolers. Charge temperatures on the Porsche Carrera base through to GTS models are a challenge due to not having side ducting built into the body such as the Turbo and Turbo S models. Managing heat is the main target for a consistent level of tune and the GD480 Calibration does this perfectly.

GD480 Porsche 991.2 Carrera T, S and Staandard models Stock Vs GD480 Remap:-


As is demonstrated in the graph above, we have utilised the factory capabilities of the Siemens/Continental SID21 to develop a remap that offers a smooth and sophisticated driving experience with an OEM+ feel whilst developing astonishing peak power and torque results.

The main difference between the Base model, S models, and GTS Carrera are the turbochargers, the S carries a slightly bigger compressor wheel than the base model K03 Borgwarner turbocharger, and the GTS is fitted with the bigger K04s turbocharger arrangement which allows it to make further power increases over the other models.

Read more about our Porsche 991.2 GTS remap the GD540 Stage 1.

All of the Porsche 911 tuning is carried out in our temperature controlled dyno cell. This not only allows a safe environment for our engineers to work in but offers consistent airflow and ambient temperature whilst your Porsche has its engine and transmission calibrated. We use the latest in data logging technology to custom calibrate every Porsche ECU remap to perfection.

As can be seen below in the data logs, we have achieved these power and torque figures whilst controlling boost pressure and ignition timing to perfection. This is down to our deep understanding of the component protection features of the 991.2 ECU.

Porsche 991.2 Stage 1 Tuning Key Features:-

  • Power Increases Of 460bhp|480bhp|540bhp *Model Dependant*
  • Optional increase of overrun in sport mode
  • Left foot braking enabled
  • Optional TCU upgrade recommended

Read more about our Porsche TCU transmission control remap

Please order your desired level of tuning and optional extras in the drop-down menu. One of our customer support team will contact you to finalise a build schedule after your order is placed. You will receive a sales order number via email, please keep this safe.

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