Porsche 991.1 Carrera Tuning - Genome Design

Porsche 991.1 Carrera Tuning - Genome Design

Key Features:

  • Up to 30bhp & 40nm Increase
  • Optional Enhanced Overrun
  • Stage 2 Available
  • Improved Driveability 


Porsche 991 Tuning - Genome Design

The Next Generation of Performance - Genome

The Porsche 911 is one of the most iconic sports cars in the world, The gen one 991.1 is the last of the naturally aspirated Carrera models before Porsche took the decision to move over to a smaller engine turbocharger solution. A remap is a great way to further enhance its already impressive performance whilst linearising some of the noticeable flat spots in the rev range and dulling down the noticeable cam switchover.

A Porsche 911 991.1 with stage 1 tuning will give you a remarkable boost in power and performance. With this remap, you will see an increase of up to 30 bhp from the factory settings and torque rise by up to 40 Nm model depending. Improved throttle response and even more precise control over your vehicle are also added benefits of the

Our GD range of Porsche 991.1 tuning is available for the following models seen below with associated figures:-


    3.4 DFI BHP Gain +21 / Torque Gain +19

    3.8 S DFI BHP Gain +30 / Torque Gain +27

    3.8 S DFI Powerkit BHP Gain +25 / Torque Gain +40

Porsche 911 991.1 stage 2 tuning.

For even more power and performance, you can also opt for a stage 2 remap on your Porsche 911 991.1. This tuning will take the factory settings to an entirely new level, with power being increased by up to 45 bhp and torque rising as high as 50Nm.

This level of tuning requires some additional hardware also available to be supplied and fitted by us at Genome Design.

  • Upgraded Exhaust manifolds
  • Inlet Plenum Upgrade
  • BMC Or Equivalent Air Filter
  • High Flow Exhaust System

The Porsche 911 991.1 is a remarkable vehicle, and with the right tuning, it can be transformed into an even more powerful machine. With both stage 1 and 2 remaps available from Genome Design, you will have access to increased power, torque, throttle response, and precise control over your Porsche. The additional hardware required for Stage 2 tuning such as upgraded exhaust manifolds, inlet plenum upgrade, BMC air filter, and high flow exhaust system will further enhance your driving experience.

If you are looking to make the most of this iconic sports car then look no further than our GD range of Porsche 991 Carrera Tuning - let us help bring out all its hidden potential!

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