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When it comes to your Porsche motorcar, Genome Design works with a no compromise approach. Our boutique Porsche service centre just outside Leeds, West Yorkshire utilises over 4000 sqft of floor space. Comprising low entry ramps, market-leading engine diagnostic tools, and our own bespoke built 2000whp 4 wheel drive hub dyno cell. Our facility being one of the only Porsche garages in the Leeds area offering performance tuning and servicing under one roof.

Our technicians receive training in specialised areas unique to the motorsport and tuning industry. We offer bespoke Porsche tuning where we design and calibrate tuning files in-house. Having the ability to build and maintain high performance, track focused Porsche cars in-house allows what we learn to be filtered down into our Performance based servicing schedules.

Our motorsport and engineering heritage gives us a deep understanding of engine control systems, data analysis, and part life cycles. With this in mind, we believe our team offers the highest standard of customer service and independent Porsche servicing in the UK.

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Our fixed price servicing menu covers all Porsche models, from a full blown 911 cup car, to the latest generation 718 Cayman. It provides transparency and affordable Porsche servicing costs.

At Genome Design, we use genuine Porsche parts and upgraded performance parts to support both standard and tuned vehicles. Coupled with recommended Mobil One lubricants or enhanced performance lubricants based on our track experience.

All of our performance based Porsche services mirror factory protocols with extra detail in areas such as deep diagnostic scans, data logging key engine parameters and checking safety critical components.

Our standard vehicle health inspection carried out during a service will identify any areas of concern where repair work should be considered. This includes but is not limited to corroded brake lines, uneven tyre wear, worn suspension components, and fluid leaks.

As part of all services we check and lubricate door locks and hinges, treat brake and fuel lines, and check tyre pressures and torque settings for wheel bolts/centre lock wheels.

If peace of mind and high standards are on your checklist, you can rest assured Genome Porsche has you covered. Speak to one of our specialist service agents today.

The desire to win is at our core and this can be seen and felt when using a Genome Porsche tuning product.  We expect our customers to be immersed in the rich design, manufacturing and attention to detail when they install a Genome Porsche product.

Proud to be British, Genome Design is a true British heritage company. All of our design and manufacturing is done in Great Britain and this is our key fundamental. We have no compromise when it comes to our end product.

Pioneers in the Porsche high performance aftermarket, we aim to produce tuning products that set the standard for the aftermarket and OEM, using superior materials that make Genome Design the exclusive choice for our Porsche customers.

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Watercooled Porsche Servicing

Example Pricing

Porsche 911 Minor Service
From £299 + VAT
Porsche 911 Major Service
From £649 + VAT
Porsche Cayman / Boxster Minor Service
From £349 + VAT
Porsche Cayman / Boxster Major Service
From £699 + VAT


Classic Porsche Servicing

Example Pricing

Classic 911 Minor Service
From 349+ VAT
Classic 911 Major Service
From £649 + VAT

Getting your classic Porsche serviced has never been so convenient. Join us in our Yorkshire-based Porsche service facility. Our highly skilled technicians are eager to talk to you about your classic car. We all know that regular maintenance not only keeps your classic Porsche in good working order but will help secure your vehicle's appreciating value.

With our fixed-price service menu, your Porsche service costs are absolutely crystal clear with no hidden charges. We have kept a sensible labour rate giving our customers a saving of almost 50% over main dealer pricing.

Our Classic service and inspection guidelines are inclusive of all the above water-cooled options with further checks, as mentioned below.

Replacing engine diagnostics and data logging with in-depth body and fluid line corrosion checks, engine mechanical checks for leaks and wear, safety-critical component checks.

Furthermore, we offer engine bore scoping, cylinder leak down tests and compression checks at additional costs; please contact us to discuss further.



Perfectly located, our bespoke performance Porsche service centre sits on the M1 and M62 corridor allowing us to service Porsche customers from Leeds, Sheffield, Wakefield, Manchester and surrounding areas.

Alternatively, we are only one junction from the A1 which connects us perfectly to Harrogate, Knaresborough, York and other parts of North Yorkshire.

Our door is always open to our Porsche family where our demonstrator cars can be viewed. Our hub dyno is usually available for power runs although it is always best to prebook to avoid disappointment. Join us for a coffee and a chat in our client design area.

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