Porsche 911 Engine Coolant Cap - GENOME Design Porsche 911 Engine Coolant Cap - GENOME Design Porsche 911 Engine Coolant Cap - GENOME Design

Porsche 911 Engine Coolant Cap - GENOME Design

Key Features:

GENOME, stand out from the crowd. When it comes to immersive detail it doesn't come with much more attention than the Genome Design range of automotive lifestyle products for Porsche Vehicles.

  • Hard Anodising 
  • Made In Great Britain
  • Aerospace Grade Billet T6061-3
  • Laser Etched GENOME Design Logo


Porsche 911 Coolant Cap - GENOME Design

Emotional Design By Genome.

When it comes to the design of our lifestyle Porsche tuning products we draw on our raw passion for excellence. Our engineering pedigree can be viewed through our bespoke pieces we treat almost as artwork. To us, our products are like an extension of our emotion and dedication to our art.

The Porsche coolant cap from the factory leaves little to be desired made cost effectively from injection moulded plastic it's a soulless piece attached to what is a car with nothing but soul. Our Genome Design Porsche coolant cap embraces the Porsche 991's motorsport heritage drawing on inspiration from the Porsche center lock wheel. Exquisite material machined by our incredibly accurate five-axis MAZAK machine tools the features of our coolant cap add more than a bit of style to the engine bay they offer the engine bay a new visual character more in keeping with the sleek style of the Porsche 911. The Genome coolant cap is hard anodised with a black and clear coat before being laser etched with the synonymous GD branding. Its gnarled circumference offers an exceptional grip for installation and removal.

Given the nature of the Porsche 911's engine location, there are very few visual modifications that can be done to the engine bay only the oil and coolant caps are on display this is why we believe that these parts should be infinitely enjoyed every time you lift the lid on your engine compartment.

Genome Our Promise

As ambassadors of the brand, we are Porsche enthusiasts and purists with a vision for perfection in our products. We offer a limited lifetime guarantee on our engine bay upgrade parts including this 911 coolant cap.

We see our pieces as precious metal turned out as an artwork display of what we stand for. If your product should be faulty we will replace it with a new product no matter the age.


Fitting of the Genome Design Porsche coolant cap is simple it is a direct replacement for the Porsche OEM cap and can be installed in minutes.

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Our History with Porsche is hardwired. Having intertwined with the Porsche Motorsport community alongside our sister company in the repairing, upgrading, and servicing Turbocharges for some of the most exciting Porsche racing legends.

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